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Created as a dynamic, creative and global high-tech enterprises, the advantages of science and technology (Hong Kong) International Co., Ltd. is committed to the standards and norms of the mobile communication terminal products, professional R & D, production, marketing and services. Our headquarters is located in the Futian District, Shenzhen. The phone is the company's main products.

Advantage of Technology (Hong Kong) International Co., Ltd. The total investment over 300 million yuan, to ensure perfect assembly, conversion technology and the pace of the latest technology in the world, and stressed to match market demand. The founder of our company invested heavily in the construction of large-scale research and development center. The center responsible for the creative design, appearance, function and manufacturing technology program to ensure that the Advantage Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a leader in this industry!

 Advantage Science and Technology (Hong Kong) International Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the use of personnel. Rigorous, pragmatic, perfection is our style of work, cooperation and win-win is our service purpose. "Honest, dedicated, innovation" is our corporate culture. We believe YESTEL will be a well-known brand in the world!


We will create a bright future!


Prospects for competitive enterprises

Ten years ago, the phone has been regarded as a symbol of luxury. Today, the phone is a necessity of life more and more common in our daily work and life 


Therefore, the prospects for competitive enterprises strive to create a first-class cost-effective mobile phone products, so that all mankind to enjoy the convenience of modern.